Friday, September 26, 2008

The Boys and Anna

Anna's first time in the bumbo.
Joel and Anna. I think Anna is still trying to figure out what is going on. She was a good sport and really seemed to like the Bumbo.
Bright Eyes
Little Monkey

Random Pictures

Drew and his friend Sam from Church
Joel hanging out
Nick posing
Drew hanging out
Joel decided to just go in his undies for the day, or so he thought. Cute picture anyhow.

First Day of school for Joel, Micah and Nick

Anna wanted to be part of the fun as well. These stinkin kids are so cute!
Drew and Joel on a ride at the state fair
Drew and Joel having a blast.
Poor Nick was pretty tired and not able to ride a lot of rides so he was kind of sad as well.
What brotherly love!

What a very responsible driver.

Train ride cont'd

Joel and Drew in front of the train they rode on
Drew having a snack in the snack car

Joel taking a rest

The boys at the zoo, in the water area.
Micah, Drew and Joel playing in the water.
Dave and I on our way home from Philadelphia. Dave's Grandma passed away and we went back for her funeral. We miss Grandma Delozier, but know that she is in a much better place. Thank you to Mom and Dad Albrecht for providing us with a plane ticket. We love you guys!
Mom Albrecht, Mr. Jake (our nephew), Dave, me, Paul and Jennifer on the return flight home. Jake was two months in this picture. What a sweet little man.
Here is a close up of Mr. Jake

Pictures cont'd

Nicks first time pooping on the potty Yeah!
Mom, why are you taking my picture?
The boys trying to stay cool!
What a big boy!
They love swimming! It took Joel awhile to warm up to the water, but now you can't keep him out. Drew and Nick love swimming. Nick hasn't figured out he doesn't know how to swim. Drew is doing a very good job this year.

More Pictures

The Boys trying to cool off. Missouri had a serious heat wave while we were there.

Dave took Drew and Joel on a scenic train ride around Branson. They had a really fun time.
There was a snack car that they had snacks at. Drew being silly

Long Overdue

Nick, Joel and Drew in our hotel room
Nick at the Magic House
Drew in the "Big Red Chair"
Drew and the "Throwed Roll Man" He threw rolls at people in the restaurant. Drew asked for his autograph. Needless to say he thought this guy was pretty cool.
Drew and Joel out and about.
Hi all!

Yes, we are still here. Our life has been very busy, so bare with me as I fill you in. Let's start with the kids, since they are my life right now. Drew is doing very well in first grade. He loves his teacher and all his friends. He has completed three speeling test, 7 bible memory verses, several reading lessons and several other important mind strengthening activities. :) We are really into our school groove and it is going pretty smoothly. Homework is a bit of a challenge, but we are all getting through. :)

Joel loves school! He attends Monday and Wednesdays. He would love to go everyday if he could. It is hard to believe that he will be four years old. He is such a fun little guy. (They are all so much fun!)

Nick is attending school one day a week. He, too, would go everyday if he could. He is growing up way too fast as well. It seems like everyday he learns a new word or a bad habit- from his brothers of course. :)

They are at such fun ages. They are a lively crew, but I enjoy them so much.

Here are some pictures of our trip to Branson Missouri. We went to the Magic House in St. Louis with Mom Albrecht while Dave and Dad played golf. Joel points to Missouri on the map and tells me it wants to go back to the magic house. He wishes we lived closer. He also has informed me that he wants to go to Montana. :) Enjoy the pics! Love to all Heather