Friday, January 25, 2008

Please Pray

Hi all! We hope that you all have had a great week. Dave has been really busy at work, but is doing well. At church we have someone interested in maybe playing drums on Sunday, please keep that in your prayers. The boys are doing great. Nick goes around calling for Drew and Joel. I think he is just so impressed with himself because when I boys come to him he runs the other direction. Ha! Drew is really doing well in all day Kindergarten and seems to really like the schedule. He does go to the "Doctor" alot, a.k.a. for Ms. Banta the school nurse. He goes for anything and everything. I gave him chapstick for his lips the other day and he still went to see her for some chapstick. He is too much. :) Joel is doing well, he is so stinkin sweet. He ask to go to school everyday after I drop Drew off, poor boy. :) He loves Dory and Little Einsteins. I'm doing well. I have applied for a position at work and would ask that you all keep me in your prayers. This coming Tuesday I have three interviews, one with the staff, one with the manager and one with the head doctor of the unit. I am really excited about this position and would really like to get it. Please keep my in your prayers. Thanks. Well, have a great weekend. Love The Albrecht's