Friday, April 25, 2008

Happenings from the Albrecht Household

Dave, Joel, Nick, Drew and I Easter Sunday
The Albrecht Family

It has been so nice here this past week. The boys and I have been spending as much time outside as we can. They love to take walks, play in their sandbox, and on their playset. Last night was Joels spring program for preschool. He did really well and was too cute. All the kids were so cute and funny. We also were able to watch Evan and Micah two of our nephews who also attend preschool there. This will be Evan's last year in preschool. He will be joining Briana and Drew next year in SCHOOL. Yeah! They just grow up too fast. Well here are some pictures from Easter that I received from my mother-n-law. Thanks mom! Enjoy! Hope you are all enjoying the wonderful weather and have a great weekend. Love you all, The Albrechts

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt at Church

The Easter Egg Hunt was so much fun. We had lots of children from the surrounding neighborhood.

Drew and Sam posing for the camera during the craft time
Miss Callie
Jason and Cooper
The Egg Hunt was a lot of fun. I think everyone had a good time and went home with a full belly. Thank you to everyone who made it a success. God is so Good!

Spring Break!

We had the opportunity to make a quick trip to Florida to see Granny. Here are Nick, Drew, and Joel sitting outside her condo. They had such a great time.
Joel on the beach. Honestly, I do feed him!
This was the first day that we were there and it was the only day that it was below 70 for a bit. This was early morning and the kids were begging to go to the beach. Here is Nick playing on the beach.
Drew and Joel playing in the Gulf
Drew taking the killer Whale out for a spin. The boys had such a fun time at the beach and playing at the park. My friend from work, Michelle and her two kids were also able to come along. The kids all played really well together. Thank you Granny for letting us come down. It was so nice.

March Madness!

The Boys along with Aunt Laura, and Micah showing off their Army egg we made for Uncle BradAunt Mary and Uncle Tony came over to join in on the egg coloring fun. Next year Baby Annabelle with be here to join in on the fun. Yeah!
Joel with all the colors to himself. I think he is going to be a Chemist.
Aunt Laura and baby Landon. Too Cute~
Dave and I. Doesn't he look so excited to have his picture taken.
The boys had such a fun time coloring their eggs. Nick was too tired to join in the fun so he opted to go to bed. Hopefully next year we can do it early enough that he can join in. I guess 6:00 pm is to late for the little man. Hope you are all having a wonderful Spring. The boys are getting so big and are so much fun. Love to you all, Heather and her little men