Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Miss Anna
Drew (we were able to go bowling one day)

Anna with her wet shirt

Nick and Daddy ( The two smaller boys were pretty worn out and of course a bit out of sorts at times. :>)

Joel and Nick happy again


Dave's Aunt Nancy had a craft project for the kiddos to make. This was their finished project. The boys had a fun time making their reindeer pots. Thanks Aunt Nancy!

Joel getting into Thomas's tool bench



Drew and I

The Albrecht boys and their cousins at a indoor fun center. Thanks Aunt Nancy for taking us and wearing the boys out, or at least wearing the parents out. :>

Elizabeth and Nick

We had the ability to travel to Pennsylvania to visit with Dave's family for Thanksgiving. It was so nice to spend time with everyone. We left Tuesday afternoon, along with mom Albrecht, Tony, Mary and Anna and arrived at Aunt Lynn and Uncle Bob's house that evening around 9:30. The boys did well traveling both there and back. We stayed at Aunt Lynn's house Tuesday through Friday and then again on Saturday night. Thank you so much Aunt Lynn for having us. We always enjoy our time spent with you and your family. We had yummy food at Aunt Rachel's, Aunt Lynn's and Uncle Tom's houses different nights of the week. Thank you all for opening your homes to us. We had an awesome time! We were also able to go into Philly and spend time with Aunt Dee, Marie, Tom, Maggie, Uncle Roy, Aunt Nancy, Lauren, Roy and Collin. Thank you again Aunt Nancy for taking us to the indoor fun center, the boys loved it. Thanks for also opening your home to us. The food was wonderful and the boys loved making their reindeer pots. :> I am so blessed! We were unable to be with all of our family at Thanksgiving, but those who weren't with us were never far from our hearts and thoughts. God is so good! I'm so thankful for the wonderful family that I have and am able to be a part of.