Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Costumes

Joel as James the train
Nick as Thomas the train

Drew as Optimus Prime

The Boys

They were very exctied about going trick or treating

Leaves part two

Micah visiting Aunt Heather's house
Landon having a afternoon snack and looking too cute

Sweet Micah

Drew really enjoying himself

Nick and Landon watching everyone jumping in the leaves.
Notice the new van behind them. Yes, that is my new Honda Odyssey. Love it! I will take more pictures of her so you can see just how great she is. :) Yes, folks, I pretty darn excited about her.

Jumpin in the leaves at Granny's House

Nick before taking the leap
Landon, he is so cute. He has a cloth Diaper so it makes him look a bit bigger on the bottom. :)
Drew, Landon and Laura

Drew buried in the leaves. He had so much fun

Joel having a blast as well

More Pictures

Fall and more :)

Our attempt at a family pic.

Laura, Landon, mom and Joel

Nick, Micah, Drew and I on the hayride

Happy Halloween! We have been pretty busy the last two months. Between buying a new van, new washer and dryer, happenings with church, work and just the ins and outs of raising three hilarious boys, time has just flown by. Everyone is healthy and enjoying the school year thus far. We did find out that Drew needed glasses, so we are awaiting there arrival. He is very excited. Being a glasses wearer, I didn't want to burst his happiness bubble about how they get old after awhile. :) There are some other issues that Drew is having with school so I would ask that you keep our family close in prayer. We have decisions to make and want to make the best decision for Drew. Thank you
This October we have had a lot of fun. First we went to the Pumpkin Patch with Grandma and Grandpa Auch and Uncle Chris, Aunt Laura, Micah and Landon. We also had the opportunity to go over to Granny Pats house with Laura and Chris and jump in the leaves. The other night the boys got to carve their pumpkins with lots of help from mom and dad. They aren't really into the scooping the pumpkin guts out yet. :) I am at work tonight so I was unable to take the boys trick or treating with Dave. Dave was able to make it to Granny Pats and then out to Grandma Auch's house tonight. G&G Nichols are in Gatlinburg and G&G Albrecht had a wedding rehearsal to attend. We missed you guys. I did get some pictures of the boys before they were off. So, enjoy the pics and I hope that you are all doing well and having a wonderful Fall. Love, The Albrecht's