Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Miss Anna
Drew (we were able to go bowling one day)

Anna with her wet shirt

Nick and Daddy ( The two smaller boys were pretty worn out and of course a bit out of sorts at times. :>)

Joel and Nick happy again


Dave's Aunt Nancy had a craft project for the kiddos to make. This was their finished project. The boys had a fun time making their reindeer pots. Thanks Aunt Nancy!

Joel getting into Thomas's tool bench



Drew and I

The Albrecht boys and their cousins at a indoor fun center. Thanks Aunt Nancy for taking us and wearing the boys out, or at least wearing the parents out. :>

Elizabeth and Nick

We had the ability to travel to Pennsylvania to visit with Dave's family for Thanksgiving. It was so nice to spend time with everyone. We left Tuesday afternoon, along with mom Albrecht, Tony, Mary and Anna and arrived at Aunt Lynn and Uncle Bob's house that evening around 9:30. The boys did well traveling both there and back. We stayed at Aunt Lynn's house Tuesday through Friday and then again on Saturday night. Thank you so much Aunt Lynn for having us. We always enjoy our time spent with you and your family. We had yummy food at Aunt Rachel's, Aunt Lynn's and Uncle Tom's houses different nights of the week. Thank you all for opening your homes to us. We had an awesome time! We were also able to go into Philly and spend time with Aunt Dee, Marie, Tom, Maggie, Uncle Roy, Aunt Nancy, Lauren, Roy and Collin. Thank you again Aunt Nancy for taking us to the indoor fun center, the boys loved it. Thanks for also opening your home to us. The food was wonderful and the boys loved making their reindeer pots. :> I am so blessed! We were unable to be with all of our family at Thanksgiving, but those who weren't with us were never far from our hearts and thoughts. God is so good! I'm so thankful for the wonderful family that I have and am able to be a part of.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Drews Back to School Night!

It's hard to believe that Drew is in 2nd grade. He is growing up too fast. I'm not sure where the time has gone. Here are all three of the boys in his classroom. Drew is really enjoying school, which I am very glad. His teacher, Mr. Cook is awesome! Actually, all the teachers Drew has had have been amazing.
This coming Wednesday is the day that Joel and Nick start school and boy are they excited. Nick has been asking when it's his turn to go to school since Drew started. I'm excited for the boys! I'm also excited to have a few hours of me time. :> Hope everyone is doing well! Love, The Albrechts

Indiana State Fair 2009!

Laura, Lindsey and I

The three little pigs!

The Boys!

The boys and I were able to head out to the fair this year. Although it was pretty hot, we had a fun time. We met up with my sister and her family, my mom, Lindsey, Granny and Aunt Brenda. The boys enjoyed there time at O'Reily fun Park, as well as riding some fun rides and seeing the pigs. I enjoyed the corn on the cob and the pulled pork sandwich I had. Yum! The boys were pretty tired by the time we left that evening. I'm already looking forward to the fair next year. :>

Sorry, no dolls at this house!

A couple of weeks ago we had the fun fortune of watching my neice for the day. Many of you may remember that I watched Anna last year for Mary and Tony, so it was nice to have her over for a visit. She loves the boys and the boys adore her! :> She is walking now and interacting so much more with the boys. Thanks Mary for letting us spend the day with Anna. We love you Anna Banana!

Our newest Arrival!

This post is a couple months behind. The middle of July we welcomed Bella, our chocolate Lab into our family. She has been a wonderful dog and addition to our family! The boys have really helped out with feeding her and making sure she has water in her bowl. :> Bella is now almost 5 months and is about 20 lbs heavier then when the picture was taken. :> We love you Bella girl!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Indianapolis Zoo!

Dave and The Boys near the Rhinos!
Nick and I on the train!

Joel, Drew and Dave (Joel was very excited about the train ride)

The Boys and I (Joel really wanted to ride the train, not take a picture)

Dave and the boys



The Brown Bears

Drew and I

Dave and the boys
Dave and I were able to take the boys to the zoo saturday, this is something we aren't often able to do because of my work schedule. We had a good time! We were able to see the dolphin show, ride the train and also ride the roller coaster ride. The roller coaster ride was Joels favorite part. :> He sure doesn't take after his mother. :> We can't wait to go back! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Love to all, Heather

Monday, June 15, 2009

Vacation to Myrtle Beach!

Joel riding in the airplane
Nick and Joel loved the Train ride


Drew helping Joel with the monkey bars

This was Joels time to relax!

Their Sand Mountain!

Drew with Ms. Jennifer and Anna

Joel and Daddy poolside

Drew, Daddy and Nick

Drew hanging out at the beach

We were able to travel to South Carolina with Daves mom, dad, sister, brother in law, niece and a couple from church. Our days were filled with laying and playing by the pool, going to the beach, golfing and of course eating. It was a much needed break! The boys had a really great time. Drew was able to go to a baseball game with Pop-Pop and Mr. Bryant, which he had a blast and came away with some souvineirs. :> The smaller boys were able to go to Barefoot Landing with the rest of us and even got to ride some carnival rides. We always enjoying going to Myrtle Beach.