Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spring Programs for the boys!

Micah, he did a great job singing!

Nick, not so sure about all this!

Landon and I He's so cute!


Our first spring program that we attended was for Joel and Nick. This years theme was a western theme. The boys did really well. School ended this yesterday for Joel and Nick. It's hard to believe that Joel will be in Pre-K next year and Nick will be in the 3's class. They are growing up so fast! I'm really enjoying this time with them, they are at a really fun and outgoing age. We also had Drew's Spring Program. That was a bit interesting, seeing that Joel and Nick are still not able to sit for an entire program, basically an hour without needing to go potty or get a drink. They try o find any reason to leave their seats. :> So, Nick tells us, "I need a drink!" I said, "okay, wait for daddy and he will take you." Next thing we know Nick is waving his fist in the air and chanting, "Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew!" I looked at Dave, with that look of course, and he wisked him out. It was pretty funny! So, here are some boys at their spring programs.