Saturday, March 7, 2009


Micah Landon and I
Cutie Landon

They Boys!

The Boys take 2

We were able to hang out with Landon and Micah on Thursday, which is always fun. The boys all enjoy being with one another. Here they are just before bed time. The weather is wonderful here! Yeah! Drew had a basketball game today, which was the first one I have been able to attend. He scored a basket so that was exciting. It was neat to see him involved in a new sport. Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend. I think we are going to start priming the walls downstairs in the basement. Look for pics on that project to come. Love Heather

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Birthday pics Part 2

Digging into the ice cream cake. YUM!
Pinata Time! Do you se the look on Chris and I's face. Yeah, we weren't expecting Miss Elizabeth to swing a bat like she did. She may be little, but shoot a monkey she can swing a bat. The pinata was a big hit with the kids.

The DQ cake. In my family when I was growing up we always had ice cream cakes for our birthday celebrations. The awesome news is that I had a coupon for it. Yeah!

My nephew, Jacob, so stinkin sweet!

Sweet man, Nick! Always wanting to pose for a picture, so that he can see it through the view finder. :>
We love spending time with our friends and family. Love Heather

Drew's 7th Birthday!

Sweet Landon and Drew
Drew with Great Grandma and Grandpa Nichols and G-pa and G-ma Nichols. We were so glad that Great Grandma and Grandpa Nichols were able to be their.

Sam and Amanda are good friends of Drew's. Thanks for coming you guys.

Noah is a friend from church.

Evan, Drew and Briana. Cousins are the greatest. I can't believe how big these three are. It seems like yesterday I was at the hospital when Paul announced he had a daughter. :> Crazy how time flies by! Love you three so much.

Last Friday we celebrated Drew's birthday here at the house and had a really good, LOUD, time. :> Most importantly Drew had a great time. God truly has blessed my life with Drew. He brings so much fun and energy to our family. :> He may wear me out everyday by watching him run around endlessly, but I'm so grateful that he is healthy and able to run about. :> Here are some pics from his birthday party. Thank you to everyone that celebrated with us. Hope you all have a great week.

BTW, they started working on our basement today. I will update pics later. I will be so happy to have the basement back and intact. I didn't realize how much we utilize that space. Love, Heather