Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The boys checking out their baskets. They were pretty tired. :>
Micah and his bag of eggs

Drew allowing me to snap a shot while he was hunting eggs

Aunt Sherry and Sweet Landon

Laura and her sweet little guys!

Brent, Granny, Laura, Morgan and I ( We missed you Bradley, Nathalee and Trey)

Laura, Granny and I

My sweet sweet Granny!

The guys and I!

The Boys! My mom got them their Easter outfits. Oh, they are so cute!

We had a great day with our family on Easter. The boys were able to hunt for easter eggs twice and got plenty of candy. Thank you Jesus for the sacrifice you made for each one of us, we are so unworthy. Love to you all! Heather and the guys :>

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Pics

Sweet Landon all tuckered out from the day
Joel and Aunt Mary

Laura and I showcasing her egg! :>

Micah and mommy

Landon and I

Annual Easter Egg Coloring Night!

Micah and Joel. Not sure why it is my kids are always in their undies, but it seems to rub off on our little guest as well.
The Sims Family!

Laura and Chris! :>

Landon upset that he couldn't drink the dye. Poor guy!

The whole gang!
We had a nice evening coloring easter eggs together. All the boys really enjoyed it, as well as the adults. Thanks Hamilton and Sims Family for spendin the evening with us. Love you all!
Let us not forget the reason we celebrate Easter. What an awesome Savior we serve.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Nick and I
The boys and I taking a train ride around an outdoor mall. They were very excited!

Joel playing on the beach

Drew not sure what to do next

Nick having a bit of a hard time on the beach

Nick taking a break from dancing with the boys

Drew was missing his dad.

Joel engrossed in the TV

Drew making a homemade popsicle.

The boys at the hotel, jumping on the bed.
We had a really good time down in Destin, Florida with Mary and Anna. Thank you Mary for inviting us to tag along. We are certainly missing the warm weather, especiallly since it is snowing here in Indy today. :> Hope everyone is doing well! As you can see the boys are as wild and crazy as ever, but I wouldn't change that. :> Okay, well, maybe a few days of peace would be nice. :> I am so grateful for my family. Love, Heather