Saturday, January 24, 2009

Visit with Bradley

Bradley and the boys! They love their Uncle Bradley
Laura, Bradley, me and mom

The Auch, Hamilton, Nichols and Albrecht Family

Laura, Bradley and I

Laura, Drew, Landon, Bradley, Joel, Drew, Micah and I

We had a great Christmas and a nice visit to Pennsylvania to visit Dave's family. My brother, Bradley, was able to be home for Christmas so we were able to spend time with him as well, which was awesome. We were very sad to see him go back to Texas. Upon arriving home from PA we discovered that our basement was flooded. YIKES! There are pics below of before and after basement demo. We currently have a demoed basement, new sump pump installed and a check waiting to be put to use restoring our basement back to one piece. It will be a long process, but it will get there some day. :)
The boys are doing well and growing like weeds. It seems we are constantly going to the grocery store for more food. They are 7,4, and 21/2 and they are already eating us out of house and home. :)
It's hard to believe that Drew will be 7 soon, Joel is 4 and my baby is 2 1/2. YIKES! They are such energetic sweet little men. I'm so proud of them! Drew is doing well in first grade and really enjoying it. He is playing basketball this winter and loves it. Joel loves school and his trains! He is missing his train table, but the wii is a nice fill in for now. :) Nick is almost completely out of diapers, as we are in the midst of potty training. We are still using diapers at night, but are almost completely potty trained during the day. Dave took him out to run errands in undies today and he didn't have one accident. I think we will venture to church tomorrow and see how he does. Yeah!
Well, hope you are all doing well. Have a great week. Love, Heather


Merry Christmas from the Albrecht Family!



All the presents before they dug in

Basement Pictures

The source of our nightmare
After we tore up four feet of drywall and the carpet

Before demo of the play room. Can you see the standing water

Before pics of the bathroom

Before pics of the hallway